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Jul. 7th, 2005

07:26 am

I think I am in love.

Jul. 6th, 2005

11:22 am - Gosh, time sure is a funny looking thing.

Blah. I am done with the mind expansion forays. While in Colorada I was given consumption of goodies at no cost to my pocket book and cried the whole time after due to the fear of cops and robber scenes and lack of bathroom facilities close to my carpet area and the connections I kept making between people and, and, and it was just too much. Maybe next time the world will stop spinning in its axis for me :-)smile.

Apr. 13th, 2005

08:24 am - yes the label is accurate :-)

This summer I will be lucky enough to partake in a couple of great concerts of which I am fuckin elated about. The first one is the Bluegrass festival held every year in Teluride Colorado and the other for sure one is Dave Matthews Band in June. You can just imagine the debauchery and general happiness that my soul will be swimming in during these events and of course there will be pictures galore of beautiful bodies and smiling spirits for all to enjoy. Yummy for me to think of the boundaries I will be crossing over bridges I have been constructing throughout this horrible year of being away from all that I love.
I promise that I will say no to nothing and I will love all and enjoy every little thing that comes my way...*evil grins my soul*

Apr. 5th, 2005

05:46 am - Out.

la-la my life is about to begin
time runs down and I cant wait

Mar. 9th, 2005

11:57 pm - Part II

The shaman breaks and I come up for air


He tells me secrets of the world
the fire soars and I go down again

my life is as it should have been
written upon the rocks
in perfect sync

my life is worth the air it took to breath
sacred are my bitter scars left for me to finger
prayer beads

every tear I've ever cried the air has took to taste
every smile licked upon my face

He dances round
I can feel it now

the scene gets more intense
as I come up again
no fear
the shaman goes into a trance
go down again
and face that which you most fear
is a fantasy
your mind plays upon your soul
everything meant will be
the shaman dreams with me

first we soar and he tells me how we came to be
then we swim and he tells me how we failed

my soul fills with deep violets

he pushes me furthur down
middle of the earth
and whispers to me my secret name

my life is an endless stream
a life is never ended
who I was before
is who I will be after
nothing ever ends
everything forever after

so I bring this knowledge.

Feb. 24th, 2005

06:12 am - Part I

words are waste and emotions lose validity
reds are washed the score is what its all about

I close my eyes and feel the heat around me
shamans stones heat and water

my life is clear to me

I've never had to hide behind the fog
everyday my skin feels right
no fear or shame in letting go


you've always been enough
everything as one

smile within
shine throughout

I am the sun my energy enough
to keep you on the ground
feel it deep, within
then let it out

your tapestry combines with mine

the shaman breaks and I come up for AIR

Jan. 30th, 2005

07:32 am - promises to keep

I will try to update with pics soon.

Jan. 28th, 2005

09:28 pm - collect interesting

lets begin with the setting of the sun
lets begin where the earth has known/borne the beginning of time
lets tell the story of the great maker of the drum and the beating of his/my heart
father make it real to me show me the end of time and the earth release
old stories of insanity herb and heart sickness
I hear the stories late at night as they call out to my old soul
do you agree to let go
do you agree to lose?
I feel nothing now
to have no need.

pick up te thread where last you gone
listen to stories last told
thru seers and village ghosts
let me in
I give to you this me I have no need

spirit songs without words
I free base ecstasy
anything I can take smoke toke lick
ahhhh don't be mad
life is wha tit is (hhahahaaa)
everyone gather round
let me tell you what I know
let me show you what I have in this tiny little box
everything worth anything is in this tiny box
everything in this box is anything worth having
so gather round and let me show you
what I know bout living in this world

this box came to me from half way round this world and was given to me
by someone long forgotten
dead and living down down deep in the ground and he gave me this box and gave to me
everything worth anything inside this tiny little box
so now my friend I give to you everything worth anything
inside this tiny little box

open it and you will find nothing because that my friend is the only thing which is worth
everything and that my friend is nothing. ha!

a strange man walks into a bar
I look at him and think
well there I am with not a goddamned thing to do but
walk into a bar and think "boy there goes a strange man"

01:47 am - its just random shit

[open letter to me]

your recycled words I've heard before
in phrases spoken but not your own
you wear faces with smiles
trademarked and postmarked decades too late
I am on to you and know better then to oohh and ahh
over your mediocrity
your ownership over thoughts ideas and schemes

shallow waters do not produce great swimmers!

I must achieve Buddha nature


and yesterday I realized that it is not a sin to steal [gather] books from the book store because the author has already a[greed] to SELL [whore] his ideas [stolen, as nothing is original] to people [corporations] who then take his ideas [stolen, of course] and MASS produce it for the public in exchange for more paper [$$] which they are using to get more of the same [$$] these people then KILL trees to burn his ideas [again, stolen] on to paper skin to sell to me an idea he has A[GREED] to whore so in many years my [his] grandchildren will have no trees to build homes because this author has a[greed] to sell [whore] his ideas so they can burn it on my [your] childrens homes to sell to people for a PRICE [$$], well then what is MY price in exchange for this paper we are all desperate to get??? Why I just want free books [I happen to like anything that is stolen ie: ideas, books, souls...]

little buddha in my pocket
tell me do you like
the sandy lining of my winter coat?

does it remind you to be thankful
for the sandy lining
of my winter coat?

do you talk to god at night
and tell him how I treat you good
how I rub your belly
and ask you for the death of
all mine enemies

buddha laughter is me in your face
with a boot in the sand

Jan. 14th, 2005

03:51 am - jet fuel for my heart

and in sighing let loose your hair
I watch as your breast heaves in starts
and flows not once but twice onto me
oh woman

you were and are the begining and end of time

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