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Womans blood is sacred. - lolacherrykola

Dec. 8th, 2005

07:02 am - Womans blood is sacred.

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I want a woman.
I want to smell her skin and hear her laughter.
I want to taste the honey of her special place and the soft smell of her in the morning. I want to bury my face in her neck and run my fingers through her soft hair. I want to worship her and know her secret thoughts. I want to fill her up inside with my fingers and make her scream in pleasure from the knowlegable movement of my tongue. I want to suck on her nipples and run my hands on her soft skin on her feet, legs, hips, stomach, breasts, neck, face, mouth. I want to be her friend and know her biggest fears and know about her husband and children and family. I want to drink red wine with her and by candlelight take away all her worries about the future. I want to fuck her and suckle her and make love to her as only a woman can. I want to be that for you woman because it is what you want.
Let me get a taste of you and know what makes you wet. I want to play with your pussy and see if it feels like mine velvety warm pink soft tasting faintly bitter. I want to smell your perfume all over me when I go home to dream of you. To need you till the next time you call.

Woman I want you.


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