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awake. - lolacherrykola

Mar. 1st, 2006

07:46 am - awake.

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i want to live a worthy life. i want to have the strength within my self to not be pulled into peoples constant drama and the need to have more or be more. i just want to be me...the best me I can be and not worry about other people and their petty shit. i want people to feel peace when they are with me. i want people to trust me and i want them to feel peace when they are with me. i want to inspire and live a buddhist life.

The basic Buddhist principles are to lead a good moral life, to attain much wisdom, tolerance, and understanding, as well as to awaken yourself to thoughts and actions.

i wan to love people even if i don't understand them. i want to forgive them and myself for our shortcomings. i want to be tolerant.

Firewood does not become ashes and life does not become death
Just as the winter does not become the spring
Every moment of time is self-contained and quiescent

Like the empty sky it has no boundaries,
Yet it is right in this place, ever profound and clear
When you see to know it, you cannot see it
You cannot take hold of it
But you cannot lose it
In not being able to get it, you get it
When you are silent, it speaks;
When you speak, it is silent.
The great gate is wide open to bestow alms,
And no crowd is blocking the way

i open my soul up to this awakening.


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Date:June 24th, 2006 05:04 pm (UTC)
I miss you...
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